CARTAS CARITAS Yes I can make a difference

OUR MISSION is to make things that make brains|days|futures a little brighter.
OUR VISION is to help give folks a chance to earn and kids a chance to learn.

How did Double Play Cards start?

The idea was conceived by self-described geek dad Alvin Sanico to solve the issues that players of Scrabble and its spin-offs complain about: long waits and narrow choices. Typography experts Michael Graham and Scott Kim helped refine the graphic designs. Previously, we’ve simply used the cards (CARTAS) as gifts in charity (CARITAS) fundraising drives to replace fishing boats destroyed by a hurricane so families can regain their lost livelihood, and to raise money for school tuition and books so indigent children can get an education. Now, we are excited to make the games more widely available to the general public. As renowned game design guru Richard Garfield stated, the concept is very creative and fits a broader market. Indeed, the family-friendly games garnered the coveted 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Award. Together, we can continue to give folks a chance to earn and kids a chance to learn.

What makes Double Play Cards different?

Dozens of word games have been introduced over the past decades. All feature the same capital letters with various rule iterations that, ironically, don't allow capitalized words. None has featured the game changing innovation that is revolutionary and mind twisting, revolves around the pivotal concepts of choice and chance, lets you rotate the games you want to play, disrupts and turns the world of word games on its head, makes you twirl your fingers as you ask for more rounds… Okay, that is enough spin. We'd appreciate you spreading the word after you give it a whirl! :-)

What has been the best part of developing Double Play Cards?

Being able to blend together graphic designs and game designs (plus a few drops of dad jokes) has been a blessing and a blast. Being able to introduce geeky cool stuff through games has been rewarding. Just by playing, you'd get to learn a bit more about the mathematics of permutation and probability, the science of game theory, as well as the art of ambigrams and typography, among other things. You might even get to learn a bit more about your friends and family! Of course, expect to expand your vocabulary as you validate the words that you find or form. The best part, however, is being able to join the community of small movements with social missions.