Double Play Cards Gold Award Winner

It's a game changer. Literally.

Turn new into emu for more points.

Word Games. Reinvented.

Everything you need is in the box including Rules for 4 Word Games

More. Exciting. Games.


Players: 1-6

Have fun playing solo, as a pair, or as a group of up to six friends and family members.

Enjoy Solitaire Dare on your own to stay sharp. Have the last laugh playing 1-on-1 in The Final Word. Have a blast with everyone in Word Wars I.II.III and Finders Stealers.


Ages: 10+ years

Highly recommended 2016 Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner for being fun and challenging.

You'll love the game changer as an equalizer. The young and old, the word nerds and newbies, the cruciverbalists and casual gamers, can all have crazy fun together!


Time: 10+ minutes

Don't waste time waiting. It takes just a few minutes to learn and start playing. There's no idle downtime because you'd always be engaged.  Complete a round quickly then play more.

It's pocket-sized so you can pack and play anytime, anywhere.

"Develop your senses -- especially learn how to see."  ~Leonardo da Vinci

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