Double Play Game Cards

A Game Changer. Literally.

Everything you need is in the box including Rules for 4 Word Games

More. Exciting. Games.


Players: 1-6

Play solo to sharpen your skills in Solitaire Dare. Play one-on-one and have the last laugh in The Final Word. Play with a group and have a blast in Finders Stealers or Word Wars I.II.III.


Ages: 10+ years

The young and old, word nerds and newbies, cruciverbalists and casual gamers, can all enjoy this winner of the MAJOR fun! Award and the Parents' Choice Gold Award.


Time: 10+ minutes

It takes just a few minutes to learn and play. Everything you need is in a pocket-sized box including 4 game rules and 50 letter cards. It's time to have fun at every turn!